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Welcome to Fare Game NZ

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At Fare Game we supply high quality free range game meat to a wide range of clients throughout NZ.

These include luxury lodges, top restaurants, delis, butchers and chefs, as well as the everyday meat lover in your home.
We have a range of cuts available in our 'order now' section, or we can supply you with your own desired custom order - just flick us an email!

Venison steak with baked vegetables isol

100% wild


Each animal harvested is GPS logged by our hunters on site. So you can be happy knowing there’s full traceability of your ingredients. There’s definitely no horse in our hind! Every animal is selected carefully and this is where your guarantee of great quality meat starts.


We supply wholesale venison and other game meat to many award winning restaurants and chefs from around New Zealand; from the bottom of the South to the top of the North. Our dedicated processing covers the whole process - the only team member not on our payroll is you the chef. That means we can guarantee every step of the process. We have our own chiller trucks, our own butchers, and our own processing plant.


We freight overnight to main centres throughout NZ, usually within 24hours of the order payment. Free freight is offered on some products as well as on orders over $200. Please contact us to arrange any ongoing supply deals.
Delicious double venison cheeseburger with olives and melting cheese on a toasted crusty b

venison - hare - rabbit - custom orders

Fare Game prides itself in bringing you the freshest ingredients - straight to your door - for your next dish, to be a beauty!

Some of our top picks


Venison Rack.png


Raw dry aged venison tenderloin fillet steak natural with herbs offered as closeup on a mo


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Venison from Fare Game is simply the best you can get. We source most of our wild venison from the mountains, where lush vegetation, the freshest of water and the cleanest of mountain air, is all that goes into your meat.

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